6th grade

My Backpack


I read the book Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick about Reesie Boone going through Hurricane Katrina. Reesie had to grab a backpack, stuff everything she could in it and then leave her home. A sacred place she would never return to. We drew backpacks that had things that we would put in if we were in Reesie’s situation. We really had to practice empathy, stepping into other people’s shoes. 

I tried to feel what Reesie had to have been feeling so I could get an idea of what I should put in. I put in some books, some fabric and a needle and thread for entertainment purposes. Reesie also had a passion for sewing. That made the book more enjoyable for me. I also included basics and essentials. If I got hurt, I would need a first aid kit. I packed clothes and underwear, snacks, and an iPad and charger. My iPad because, ideally, I would have some WiFi so that I might be able to contact someone and a charger in case it died. Clothes and underwear because I can go a few (like 3) days without changing, but only in dire situations. So I had to pack clothes. I am also one to get hungry, so food was essential. My water bottles were also included. I made sure that I had money and a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, along with a camping pillow. I just needed some comfort items like my blanket, family photos, and a journal. Reesie also had many of these things. Great minds think alike. 

Something like this, leaving our home behind, moving and fleeing New Orleans because of hurricanes actually could’ve happened. Hurricane Ida made landfall exactly sixteen years after Hurricane Katrina did. Ida was catastrophic, but there wasn’t a high death toll. Even so, something so devastating can have its consequences, as Ida and Katrina showed us.

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