6th grade

Window or Mirror

A window or mirror book is an idea of a book or TV show being a mirror, where it reflects your life in someway(s);or a window book, where it is a book or show that is about a life or story that is different from yours. My book,
Something to Say, is really quite different from my life. An African American girl in sixth grade, Jenae, goes to a school where she hasn’t had friends since second grade. Then, the new kid, Aubrey, comes and he really wants to be friends with Jenae. But, having never had friends, she really doesn’t want Aubrey to be her friend, but as they get to know each other, Jenae’s feelings change. This really doesn’t relate to me because I am white, but I am a girl. I have been lucky enough to have a friend wherever I am, but others aren’t as lucky. I have befriended students who are new to my school before. This book is actually really good so far, so I recommend it for all. 


3 thoughts on “Window or Mirror

  1. I liked how you talked about race, it may be a touchy subject sometimes, but it is definitely relevant, and can change your experience.

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